We offer various levels of intercation between you and our designers. Choose which option works best for you:

Tell Me

Design Advice - $20.00/month

Develop relationships with professional Roomations designers who can tell you the answers to your burning design questions about your space. Ask as many questions as you want!

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Guide Me

Style Board + 3 Months Advice - $250.00 and up

A Roomations interior designer will create a one-page style board expressinga unique design concept for your space. If you choose two or three styleboards, you will receive different boards from different designers. Choose your favorite one and get a shopping list. Get 3 Months of design advice once your project kicks off!

One board $ 250.00
Two boards $ 300.00
Three boards $ 350.00

*Each additional board will give you another unique style board for the same room.

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Amaze Me

Room Vision + 3 Months Advice - $400.00 and up

Having trouble picturing your finished space? Get full designs of your dream room! Choose more than one design and experience the work of different designers!

  • First, an interior designer will create unique style boards for you
  • Then you'll get custom photorealistic 3D designs
  • Get a shopping list to turn the room into reality
  • On top of that, you'll have 3 months of access to design advice!
One design $ 400.00
Two designs $ 480.00
Three designs $ 540.00

*Each additional design will give you another unique design option for the same room.

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